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About Scholarships
Scholarships are a great source of funding for higher education. You are encouraged to apply with many organizations and scholarship providers. Begin searching and applying for scholarships NOW. There are many scholarships out there that could help you pay for college.

The San Benito High School College and Career Center has developed a list of scholarship opportunities to make the scholarship search easier. It is recommended that students use scholarship search engines (some are listed below) to find additional opportunities. Visit the scholarship site of the specific colleges you are applying to for those colleges’ scholarship opportunities.

Scholarship Application Tips
*Do not be afraid to apply for scholarships. Donors select recipients based upon many different criteria.
*Invest time in preparing your application and essays. Remember, you want the scholarship donor to invest in you.
*Make certain that your application is accurate, complete, and error-free.
*Follow instructions closely and provide all information that is requested.
*Be aware of deadlines. Complete your application with plenty of time to submit your application.

2nd Annual Superintendent’s Golf Tournament Scholarship Application

2nd Annual Superintendent’s Golf Tournament Scholarship Application


2019 MASBA Scholarship Application