Cadet Rules and Regulations for all NJROTC trips


Conduct: You are representing your family, your school and your community. Conduct yourself in a good manner. Extra-curricular activities and field trips are a privilege, not a right. Inappropriate behavior of any type as deemed by your NJROTC instructor or chaperone will not be tolerated. Disruptive actions on your part may not only lead to serious consequences for you, but may also cause the cancellation of future school trips.

The following forms of behavior will not be tolerated on the trip:

  1. Smoking (including cigarette, cigars, etc.).
  2. Drinking alcohol.
  3. Use of drugs or illegal substances or their possession.
  4. Any form of hazing or horseplay.
  5. Leaving the group unexcused (AWOL).
  6. Failing to follow curfew.
  7. Having members of the opposite sex in your room (or you in their room).
  8. Vandalism, Damage to property.
  9. Fighting, Verbal or physical.
  10. Tardiness.
  11. Use of improper or abusive language.
  12. Disrespect toward staff, chaperones, other students and other people.

CONSEQUENCES: Any violation of rules A, B, C, D and E may result in suspension or expulsion from school and possible dismissal from the NJROTC teams and/or program. Violations of rules F through L will be reviewed by the staff and may result in serious consequences.