The NJROTC Program recognizes the hard work and commitment of the cadet by providing different avenues to earn their letterman jacket.  The decision to award a letterman jacket will depend on available funds and be at the instructors discretion.  A letterman jacket is a earned privilege and not a right.
  The NJROTC program only pays for the letterman jacket only and color and style shall conform to established SBHS standards and the cost to personalize fall exclusively on the cadet and family.
  Below are the ways to earn the NJROTC letterman jacket:
-  Complete all four years (both fall and spring semesters) with NJROTC.  Starting for the 22-23 school year cadets will have to complete a minimum of four (4) hours of community service EACH school year (the individual can food drive and individual Toys for Tots drive do not count towards community service for the letterman jacket).
-  Earn in two (2) years.  Be a Varsity member of the competitive  Armed Drill Team, Unarmed Drill Team, Color Guard Team or Physical Fitness Team. 
-  Earn in three (3) years.  Be a Varsity member of the competitive Orienteering, Academics, Marksmanship or Robotics Team.